During drop-off and collection times, the one-way set-down area is designed for setting-down of pupils only.  Should you need to drop-off, please use one of the three spaces provided alongside the white wall shown. Drive to the very top of the drop-off and please do not park in the area. Alternatively please find another suitable and safe parking space close to the school, ideally the large car park situated between the school & church.  

Please show consideration for the neighbours adjacent to the school by not blocking entrances/ mounting footpath outside their homes or reversing in their driveways.

Parents/Guardians are strongly encouraged to park at the playground or in the church car-park and to walk from there, particularly on drier days.  Having some exercise and fresh air before school is proven to have positive benefits on pupils’ learning.  This also forms part of our Green-School policy. 

Please also note the bus parking space in the image below.  We encourage all parents to leave this space free for the benefit of the pupils who travel by bus.

Should pupils wish to cycle to school, there is a covered bicycle shed in the side yard of the school.  Before a child cycles to school parents/guardians must familiarise their children with the route to and from school and the potential dangers.