Green School’s Programme.

Balla NS has eight Green Flags. 

We have a wonderful committee of children and staff who are committed to keeping our school a Green School. We are currently working on the theme of Global Citizenship and Travel.

This year we aim to cycle , walk, scoot, park and stride to school as much as we can. We have regular WOW (Walk on Wednesday) days and 5th class take part in cycling courses every year so we hope to see an increase in the amount of children cycling safely to school this year also. 

While working on our travel flag we make every effort to keep working on our other themes.


-We are a plastic free school. We don’t use any excess packaging in our lunch boxes eg. clingfilm, plastic bags, single use plastics like plastic cutlery or straws, cartons etc. Any waste produced from lunches is brought home to compost or reuse. We are very lucky to have wonderful support from parents in this area and together we know we are doing our part for the environment. Classes from 2nd -6th take turns in litter picking and thankfully they are never too busy in our lovely clean yard. 


-We switch off devices, lights, taps when they are not in use and we keep doors closed to save on energy and water. 


-We have insect hotels and lots of lovely plants in our garden to encourage the butterflies and bees and insects to visit.